2017  Events

Saturday, July 22  - Salt Lake Sax Summit
Ensemble is 5 of Utah’s top sax players, backed up by piano, guitar, bass and drums. Program features original arrangements of Gershwin tunes and award winning ballroom dancers.

The Holladay Arts Council's mission is to provide activities and programs  that will enrich the community through promotion of the arts

Nate Pinnock

Holladay resident Nathan Pinnock first began getting into art in the second grade. “I was a big reader so I would see all of these books that would say, illustrated by this artist or that artist and I always wanted to do that,” Pinnock said. Pinnock turned that interest into his career as a professional artist. He does a lot of illustration work for magazines and books, as well as paintings for people’s homes and businesses. He also teaches private lessons a couple times a week at his studio. Pinnock was selected by the Holladay Arts Council as the Artist of the Month. Pinnock drew and painted all the way through school and took both art and painting classes because of his passion. “After school, I decided I was going to go to school to be an illustrator and have my own studio, and I just have a great time doing it,” Pinnock said. . . continued