Like a Kerouac roman candle, for the last 40 years, Meacham has never waited for inspiration to tap on the window, he ignites and activates the captious process. He almost seems to destruct before he constructs. There is no planning, it is all creative and immediate, what is creativity if not an unplanned act? Meacham sloshes on, modeling paste and luminous acrylics, and then slashes it off a few minutes later. However this mature and experienced artist never ignores the canons of art, including form, composition, diversity and most importantly color. Layne, not the crowd, remains in complete control of every work. You can just feel the warm modeling paste, and colorful mud, hydraulically squishing between your fingers, just before it is moved around onto the canvas, to join another world.

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Lane Meacham

Brigitta Sayer

Brigitta has been doing art her entire life starting at age 7 in Sweden, she is the youngest of four girls, all of them born with artistic talents. Currently living in Holladay Utah for the past 30 years. Birgitta is a very brilliant woman with artistic talents that range from photography, crochet- creating unique handbags, scarfs, painting including but not limited to acrylic, pastels, sketches & drawings. Using stones, nuts, leaves and other natural materials she creates one of a kind art from everything she touches. Music is also her passion writing lyrics, composing playing the piano, singing her songs in her angelic voice. While interviewing Birgitta, she told me “Art is a feeling everyone has inside of them if you have feeling you are capable of doing art” Everything she sees, feels and touches is art, she enjoys sharing her talents with friends, her faith and family.

Kage Hewart