2017  Events

Last Concert on the Commons this season!

Saturday, August 26 – Fly Me To The Moon
Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra style music.

The Holladay Arts Council's mission is to provide activities and programs  that will enrich the community through promotion of the arts

Lorraine Robinson
As a teenager and young adult, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area 30 miles from the Haight/Ashbury streets of San Francisco in the 1960's, at the peak of the hippie movement, Beatlemania, and rock and roll at its finest. A musician myself, I rarely went anywhere without my guitar. I didn't start painting until 2007-8 at the encouragement of a friend, who is herself a wonderful artist. I spent 7 or 8 years with Susan Jarvis as my teacher and once I moved into painting portraits, I began with teacher Brendan Clary. Because of my deep musical roots and having been raised on everything from Bach and Beethoven to Linda Ronstadt and Led Zeppelin, I have chosen to focus on painting the artists that influenced my life as well as those, who now, at my age, are passing away quicker than I can get their faces on a canvas! . . . continued