Julie Jentzsch

 Stephanie was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1961 to artist parents whose devotion to the arts has helped her become the accomplished artist she is today. Her early childhood was spent in Paris, where visits to the Louvre influenced her early watercolors. Her adolescence was spent in the idyllic hamlet of Valkenburg, Holland, where she was surrounded by music, poetry, and art, and there developed her great appreciation of nature. Stephanie and her parents moved to Salt Lake City in 1975. While she attended the University of Utah on a theatre scholarship, the demand for her hand-painted jewelry increased, and she soon devoted herself exclusively to creating her whimsical jewelry line that was carried by Saks Fifth Avenue. She also began receiving commissions from interior designers for her hand-painted table and wall-sized mirrors. Stephanie is now creating a collection of mixed media landscape paintings and jewelry. Her often mystical and expressionistic renderings of land and sea reflect the beauty, mystery, and enchantment that she sees in all of life.

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RC Hawkins started painting after open heart surgery.  She had never drawn or painted before.

As she awoke the second day in the ICU unit with 4 sets of tubes in her chest and stomach, and two electrical leads attaching a heart pacer to her heart, she took up a ball point pen and started sketching. She drew her feet sticking out of her bl

Hawkins is basically a plein aire painter. Influenced by Colleen Howe Bleinberger, Clyde Aspevig, Angie Renfro, Tal Walton and recently, the great Russian expressionist, Ulrich Gleiter.

She spends a great deal of time in the West Desert chasing the wild horses atOniqui Mountain and Simpson Springs. She also loves the California coast and northern New Mexico.

Any day painting, rain or shine, is a blessing and a very good day.


RC Hawkins

 Ron Moulton was born in Salt Lake City Utah.  His carefree years were in 1940's and early 50's.  A time to run free through orchards with his dog by his side.  A time of green apples, swimming at spring run, smoking cedar bark behind the barn, playing kick the can with his cousin Reggie and close friends Ted and Herb along with others who lived on Murphy Lane.  They were a close group of friends.  Most of them attended Olympus High School together. Ron was part of the first graduating class at Olympus High School in 1954.  He has worked 50 years in the engineering field as an Engineering Technician, but is now semi retired with painting as his main focus.

Ron has loved art as far back as he can remember, spending time drawing stick figures and cartoons since childhood. He did not have the opportunity to attend art school, but it's always been a part of him. He has taken many art classes and workshops from respectable instructors over the years. Ron works in oils and paint landscapes in the impressionistic style. His inspiration comes from the mountains and valleys that surround him. Most of his paintings are of places he has skied in the winter, hiked in the spring, camped and fished in the summer, and color peeped in the fall. He loves the outdoors and spends as much time fishing, gardening, and plein air painting as possible. 

Serene's love for art really blossomed when she took a class from Mr. Fackrell at Cottonwood High School. He gave her the opportunity to try different mediums from watercolors to oils, pastels, stained glass, and glaze. So far, her favorite is watercolor. Sometimes the water decides to do it’s own thing when you had something else in mind and you’re left with amazing patterns and textures that you couldn’t have planned better yourself. Some call that talent but she calls it a happy accident. Life is like that too and she tries to apply the same techniques that she does in art to living life itself.


Al Neely

Al Neely has been a Holladay resident for thirty years now. His career was in the advertising trade buying television ad time for businesses such as Sizzler and Camera Den.  He didn't start painting until the early 90's when he took a community education course at Cottonwood High School. Since that time he has become a prolific watercolor painter.  His subjects are often from his travels, which have been extensive.  Each summer he hosts a garden art party where his friends, family, and neighbors can come enjoy his art . It has become something many people look forward to each year.


​Stephanie Saint-Thomas

 Julie Jentzsch is a Holladay artist working primarily in oils and graphite. Her work ranges from the impressionistic to trompe l’oeil, always with an eye for composition and texture. From making intricate dioramas as a child to studying art under Marjorie McClure, David Dornan, and Paul Davis, art is an essential element of Julie’s life. She comes from a family immersed in art and is the younger sister of local artist Terrel Van Leeuwen, who exhibits at the A Gallery; her father is a skilled pen-and-ink nature artist.

She attended the University of Utah and graduated with a degree in fine art. During her senior year, she was the recipient of the Howard S. ClarkScholarship award. Most recently, she was awarded first place in the drawing/watercolor category at the 2015 Holladay City Art Show and third place for the people’s choice award.

Julie first exhibited at the Springville Art Museum in high school and has exhibited there several times since with paintings and three-dimensional installations. Her work has been showcased at the pARTnership Gallery and in several exhibits at the Eccles Community Art Center. Her artwork is featured in many private collections throughout Utah.

 Of her work, Jentzsch says, "Paint, I love it. As a child I would play in the mud, building and imagining and as an adult paint has become my mud.  I love the texture, the color, the potential. I mix it in my head and taste it in the air. Every stroke of my brush or knife captures not only a sliver of time, but a moment where vision becomes tactile; here time is compressed to a single image expressing dynamic messages through a static medium.

Each painting documents my past, opening a dialogue with the viewer, creating a moment where my intent is subdued, my past becomes irrelevant, and the experience of the viewer becomes paramount."

Clark has enjoyed my explorations in the discipline of visual art with the pencil, pastel, watercolor, and oil. Graphic presentations with perspective views were frequent duties in the practice of architecture; now those skills assist him with portraiture drawings and composition for my oil paintings. For some 15 years he has been actively studying with professional artists in the plein air style, learning to establish and complete paintings outside with his portable easel.

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Phone: 801-272-3945


Ron Moulton

David "HABBENINK" Habben is an artist and illustrator based in Holladay, Utah. His work can be seen in children's publishing, advertising and interactive design, and various galleries. David received his BFA in Illustration from Brigham Young University in 2006 and completed a Design Fellowship with Chronicle Books in 2008. He's currently at work on his second book with NY Times Bestselling Author, Kerry Patterson and has recently entered the MFA Studio Art program at the University of Utah. When he's not busily creating new work, he loves to spend time with his beautiful wife and two above-average children.

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