Nate Pinnock

Holladay resident Nathan Pinnock first began getting into art in the second grade. “I was a big reader so I would see all of these books that would say, illustrated by this artist or that artist and I always wanted to do that,” Pinnock said. Pinnock turned that interest into his career as a professional artist. He does a lot of illustration work for magazines and books, as well as paintings for people’s homes and businesses. He also teaches private lessons a couple times a week at his studio. Pinnock was selected by the Holladay Arts Council as the Artist of the Month. Pinnock drew and painted all the way through school and took both art and painting classes because of his passion. “After school, I decided I was going to go to school to be an illustrator and have my own studio, and I just have a great time doing it,” Pinnock said. The subjects of his work are primarily people. “I like people. I like painting them. I like learning people’s personalities and try to make their personalities come out in the paintings,” Pinnock said. “I have done several really big family portraits for people who had little kids. I tried to make each child come out in each of those paintings.” Pinnock said he enjoys the process of painting, turning the idea into a finished piece and laying down the paint in interesting ways. He said he hopes people see interesting things about the people he paints. “I hope people’s character comes out in the art. I also like to do rich compositions with landscapes and things,” Pinnock said. “I really want them to enjoy the piece. I like to show the interplay of light and shadow.” Residents canfind his work at, at local art shows or at his studio. “My studio is open for people to come by and look at my art,” he said. The Holladay Arts Council is always looking for more local artists to be recognized as the Artist of the Month.

Lorraine Robinson

As a teenager and young adult, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area 30 miles from the Haight/Ashbury streets of San Francisco in the 1960's, at the peak of the hippie movement, Beatlemania, and rock and roll at its finest. A musician myself, I rarely went anywhere without my guitar. I didn't start painting until 2007-8 at the encouragement of a friend, who is herself a wonderful artist. I spent 7 or 8 years with Susan Jarvis as my teacher and once I moved into painting portraits, I began with teacher Brendan Clary. Because of my deep musical roots and having been raised on everything from Bach and Beethoven to Linda Ronstadt and Led Zeppelin, I have chosen to focus on painting the artists that influenced my life as well as those, who now, at my age, are passing away quicker than I can get their faces on a canvas! As I finish up the portrait of a rock star, I like to play his or her music to complete the painting. I paint in a class at my home with 3 or 4 other ladies who are themselves incredible artists, and our teacherBrendan comes for the 3-hour lessons. Brendan is a young, phenomenal, BYU-Idaho honors art graduate, and he puts up with us middle-agers with patience, giving us confidence and direction. I feel like people of all ages can relate to and enjoy, the portrait of someone who's music has touched so many of our lives.

Kage Hewart

 Lane Meacham

 Like a Kerouac roman candle, for the last 40 years, Meacham has never waited for inspiration to tap on the window, he ignites and activates the captious process. He almost seems to destruct before he constructs. There is no planning, it is all creative and immediate, what is creativity if not an unplanned act? Meacham sloshes on, modeling paste and luminous acrylics, and then slashes it off a few minutes later. However, this mature and experienced artist never ignores the canons of art, including form, composition, diversity and most importantly color. Layne, not the crowd, remains in complete control of every work. You can just feel the warm modeling paste, and colorful mud, hydraulically squishing between your fingers, just before it is moved around onto the canvas, to join another world.

Please visit his website at 

Brigitta Sayer

 Brigitta has been doing art her entire life starting at age 7 in Sweden, she is the youngest of four girls, all of them born with artistic talents. Currently living in Holladay Utah for the past 30 years. Birgitta is a very brilliant woman with artistic talents that range from photography, crochet- creating unique handbags, scarfs, painting including but not limited to acrylic, pastels, sketches & drawings. Using stones, nuts, leaves and other natural materials she creates one of a kind art from everything she touches. Music is also her passion writing lyrics, composing playing the piano, singing her songs in her angelic voice. While interviewing Birgitta, she told me “Art is a feeling everyone has inside of them if you have feeling you are capable of doing art” Everything she sees, feels and touches is art, she enjoys sharing her talents with friends, her faith and family. 

Craig Fisher

Craig Fisher is a professional sculptor and photographer residing in Utah. As an artist, his unique background in the sciences and his acute observations of the natural world bring a fresh perspective to his work. He approaches his art with both an artists eye for narrative and a scientists eye for detail and accuracy. For him, art is a way to remind people of the natural beauties which surround us, especially those subtle beauties which we often forget to admire in our hurried lives. 

His art can be found coast to coast across the United States. Internationally, he has sculptures in New Zealand and in Haiti.


Logan Madsen

Born to Create - Aspen Perry

Cottonwood/Holladay Journal, December 1, 2017

To view the art of Logan Madsen before getting to know the artist, one would never know Madsen suffers from a genetic disorder that affects fewer than 30 people on earth. 

Miller syndrome affects muscle and bone formation, as well as hearing and joint pain, and in Madsen’s case is the cause of malformed arms and hands.

Undeterred by the genetic disorder, which has affected him since birth, Madsen believes he was born to create. 

“I was born with the desire to create. Copying cartoons out of Disney books in elementary school is how I cut my teeth,” Madsen wrote in response to being asked what drew him to art.

​Raised in Holladay, Madsen attended elementary school in the location now designated as City Hall, in addition to attending Olympus Jr. and graduating from Olympus High in 1998. 

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Lynn Nichols

Lynn developed an interest in art as a youth and has been actively painting for over a decade. Over time he experimented with a variety of mediums including oils, watercolors, and pastels. Landscapes, figures, and abstracts have been the focus of most of his works. Lynn is both an artist and writer. He received a B.A. in Journalism & Mass Communications and a master's degree in Business Administration (MBA). From 1996 - 2006, Lynn was also a licensed Certified Financial Planner (CFP). Lynn has been juried into many art shows and his paintings are in many collector’s homes and businesses.

Recently Lynn has focused on oil paintings featuring landscapes from exciting outdoor trips he has taken in Utah and surrounding states.

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