HM: Patricia Newhouse for Spiral #2, The Butterfly Eater

3rd Place: Jennifer Deily for Wild Horses at the Pony Express 

2nd Place: Loraine Robinson for Mick Jagger

HM: Cindi Smith for Funny Face

1st Place: Vlad Turchenko for Ghost Town

2016 Fine Arts Show

Award Winners

HM: Alicia Finlayson for Afternoon Shadows

HM: Clint Whiting for The Teachers Family 


3rd Place: Mariane Goodell for Heienberg

​HM: Rachel Bruce for Morning Tea

HM: Allison Allred for Spring Break

HM: John Dalyrymple for Family

2nd Place: Ruthie Larsen for Purple Mountains

1st Place: Chris Cook for Alkali and Water (In the Valley of the Gods)

Best New Artist:

Charlotte Mortimer for Magic of the Moon


2nd Place: David Habben for Pyramid

2nd Place: Diane Dean for Alstadt

1st Place: Candace Rideout for Wetlands


​3rd Place: Tiffany Daines for Wild Horses of Utah (Horses Standing)

1st Place: Andrew Larsen for My Future is Bright

Congratulations to Kathy Baker, this year's winner of the People's Choice award for her painting, Wild Reflections  

HM: William Cannon for Above 1

HM: James Brown for Dillon County Church

HM: Mathew Hansen for Senior Day 

1st Place: John Fackrell for Late Summer Sunflowers


3rd Place: Allie Bruce for Afternoon Tea


2nd Place: Tim Boschert for No Key Gate-Randolph, UT


HM: Eldon Dehaan for Together again​.

3rd Place: Julie Jentzch for 1950

2016 Fine Arts Show Photo Gallery