1st Prize: John Fackrell - “Gnarly Pumpkins”
2nd Prize: Diane Dean – “Putting up Lights”
3rd Prize: Charles Bagley - “VW Bug”
Honorable Mention: Mary Pusey “Zions Cliffs”




1st Prize: Christopher Woodward - “Ibis”
2nd Prize: Susannah Mecham - “Man in Charcoal”
3rd Prize: Eliza Anderson - “Three Kings”
Honorable Mention: Lucy Pectol - “Mona Lisa”


Award Winners:

Mixed Media

1st Prize: Chris Cook - “The Punch Bowl”
2nd Prize: Astrid Campbell - “Delicate Green”
3rd Prize: Joan Rollins - “Elizabeth”

Pastel/Colored Pencil/ Graphic:


1st Prize: Vincent Martina - “Delta Waves”
2nd Prize: Chauncey Secrist - “Over the Horizon”
3rd Prize: Kate Benson - “Colored Bathing” (Elephant)

1st Prize: Eileen Vestral - “Monument Valley”
2nd Prize: Stacey Bowen - “Circle Mosaic”
3rd Prize: Patricia Newhouse - “Apple”
Honorable Mention: Tiffani Brazell “Sanji”

1st Prize: Bruce Christson - “Marsh Bird”
2nd Prize: Adriana Serdan Vazquez - “Relelette”
3rd Prize: Abilgal Arbagan - “Altair”

1st Prize: Jeffery Pugh - “Highway 89”
2nd Prize: Dawna Barton - “Moored Boats”

3rd Prize: Rob Adamson - “Salt Lake City"
Honorable Mention: Lorraine Robinson - “John Lennon

Congratulations Marianne Velis Goodell winner of the People's Choice Award. Check out her other work and Jewelry design.

2017 Fine Arts Show 2017

This year's show included 287 pieces of art from 162 artists.

1st Prize: Tim Boschert - “Homestead – Randolf, UT”
2nd Prize: Lauren Soffe - “Boysen Street”
3rd Prize: Randy Laub - “Germany Train Station”
Honorable Mention: Vlad Turchenko - “Belfast”


1st Place Photography: Tim Boschert