2017 Fine Arts Show 2017

This year's show included 287 pieces of art from 162 artists.

1st Prize: John Fackrell - “Gnarly Pumpkins”
2nd Prize: Diane Dean – “Putting up Lights”
3rd Prize: Charles Bagley - “VW Bug”
Honorable Mention: Mary Pusey “Zions Cliffs”



1st Prize: Vincent Martina - “Delta Waves”
2nd Prize: Chauncey Secrist - “Over the Horizon”
3rd Prize: Kate Benson - “Colored Bathing” (Elephant)

1st Prize: Eileen Vestral - “Monument Valley”
2nd Prize: Stacey Bowen - “Circle Mosaic”
3rd Prize: Patricia Newhouse - “Apple”
Honorable Mention: Tiffani Brazell “Sanji”

1st Prize: Tim Boschert - “Homestead – Randolf, UT”
2nd Prize: Lauren Soffe - “Boysen Street”
3rd Prize: Randy Laub - “Germany Train Station”
Honorable Mention: Vlad Turchenko - “Belfast”



1st Place Photography: Tim Boschert

1st Prize: Christopher Woodward - “Ibis”
2nd Prize: Susannah Mecham - “Man in Charcoal”
3rd Prize: Eliza Anderson - “Three Kings”
Honorable Mention: Lucy Pectol - “Mona Lisa”


1st Prize: Bruce Christson - “Marsh Bird”
2nd Prize: Adriana Serdan Vazquez - “Relelette”
3rd Prize: Abilgal Arbagan - “Altair”

Award Winners:

Mixed Media

1st Prize: Jeffery Pugh - “Highway 89”
2nd Prize: Dawna Barton - “Moored Boats”

3rd Prize: Rob Adamson - “Salt Lake City"
Honorable Mention: Lorraine Robinson - “John Lennon

1st Prize: Chris Cook - “The Punch Bowl”
2nd Prize: Astrid Campbell - “Delicate Green”
3rd Prize: Joan Rollins - “Elizabeth”

Pastel/Colored Pencil/ Graphic:


Congratulations Marianne Velis Goodell winner of the People's Choice Award. Check out her other work and Jewelry design.