In 2016The Holladay Arts Council partnered with Utah Arts and Museums to found the Healing through Art project. Healing Through Art strives not only to promote and create awareness and understanding of what refugees experience socially, politically, and spiritually, but also how our communities can help integrate them. 

Around 100 people, young and old, and hailing diverse communities, from Burundia to Bhutan, and who currently live in the Salt Lake area are participating in the program. Volunteers from Salt Lake's mainstream community are working with the participants to help them create artwork relevant to their personal stories, cultivate new skills and interests, and build confidence.  

Healing Through Art has several Saturday workshops during winter and spring (2015-16,) to generate art for a show which will be held in June in the Holladay City Building.

Healing Through Art is still running workshops for which we need volunteers who are passionate about art! Click below to contact us.        

Healing Through Art 2016