LeBaron Singers

     One family having fun! We started with six kids, now with spouses and grandkids we're practically a traveling show! Let us entertain you!

     Jerry and Dennise met and fell in love at Brigham Young University. Over their first years of marriage, the couple managed to secure 3 degrees as well as two children, Holli and Jordon.

     When Holli was just a toddler, she showed herself to be extremely musical and eager to perform. Jerry and Dennise, musicians themselves, were pleased to instruct her. Soon her solos became duets when Jordon also displayed vocal abilities. Duets became trios with Heidi's birth, and quartets with Jayson's. Soon after, Juston and Landon came along each bringing their own gifts of music.

     After Holli's death in 2002, the remaining siblings have prolonged her incredible legacy through music. The family attributes its closeness to the gospel of Jesus Christ as well as the memory of Holli and her deep appreciation for family.
As the family has grown, and the children have married, the LeBarons have been blessed with even more fantastic singers as in-laws and grandchildren.

     Jerry works as an engineer and accompanies his children  Dennise is a very popular elementary school teacher. They have been married for 35 remarkable years.

Utah Philharmonic Orchestra and

The LeBaron Singers

A Broadway Christmas

Musical Theater and Family Holiday Concert

Olympus Jr. High School

Saturday, December 1,2018
7:30 pm


Thanks, Utah Philharmonic Orchestra and the LeBaron Singers for a fabulous concert. It was a great way to start the holiday!