Jessica Goodrich leaping in the air in a beautiful pose, photographed by Sarah Rodriguez and Amy Rau. (Courtesy of Jessica Goodrich

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Jessica Goodrich

Apr 09, 2018 11:04AM ● Published by Holly Vasi, Cottonwood Jouranl

Art comes in an array of mediums and so do the artists themselves. Art can stand still in a painting or photograph but it can also move like film or dance, yet it all seems to come to life. Jessica Goodrich has been dancing since she was 4, a pretty common story for most dancers, but her new job has taken her out of the spotlight and given her an opportunity to advocate for the arts like never before. Experiencing movement in a whole new way, she is bringing classroom subjects onto the dance floor for children to learn with their bodies. 

Goodrich is Utah through and through, born in Salt Lake, her parents still living in Holladay. She always knew she would be a dancer. “When I was growing up I felt like it really helped me find my identity,” Goodrich said. The good feelings wrapped up around dance in her childhood memories led her to major in dance at the University of Utah. 

“I never even thought twice about it when I went to the U,” Goodrich said about choosing her major. She didn’t expect to be a teacher, but when she was nearing graduation she asked herself, “How am I going to make a career out of this dance thing?” Goodrich was not necessarily interested in going to New York and auditioning, so she stayed an extra year at the U and received a teaching license in English, which she completed in 2016.

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